Nithyananda makes stupid remarks about video technology

On Daily News and Analysis, this article was published on February.

Here are some excerpts from the article,

“The footage, which was released on March 3, 2010, was made using 1,000 video chips, 1,000 computers and within 24 hours”

I believe that he is referring to video cards (graphics cards) by using the term “video chips”.
1000 video chips and 1000 computers?
A video card cannot work without a computer, its a part of a computer. Its inappropriate to say “1000 video chips, 1000 computers blah blah”.He should have said “1000 computers with computer chips” atleast.
More than one video card can be inserted into a single system if it supports SLI technology, but lets asume that he meant “1000 chips in 1000 CPUs”.
By referring the term “1000 computers” , it could mean 1000 computers were part of a grid, or atleast part of a network.
Lets get one thing straight.
There are no algorithmic methods to construct a video or to transform a video.
So, the only way that 1000 computers were used would be 1000 video experts were working, ie , one expert for each computer.
That brings another problem.
1000 people have different ways of doing things.If they created all that in 24 hours and integrated the pieces, it would be like a pile of garbage. Such a project is infeasible to be performed in 24 hours.Moreover, assembling 1000 video experts and co-ordinating them is an impossible thing to do.
This Nithyananda spews out whatever garbage he can think. He fails to remember that there are technical people who are looking into the nonsense he babbles.

Some large organisations were also involved in this racket. They were busy uploading the morphed video on YouTube, which generated about 1.5 lakh bytes. The Internet was jammed only on two occasions, one when Michael Jackson died and the second, when this sex video was uploaded,” claimed Nithyananda.

Again, more nonsense. 1.5lakh bytes =146Kilobytes, ie, 0.46 Megabytes. He talks about bandwith and says the Youtube video generated 0.14MB. What was that about?

Also, the internet was not jammed because of his stupid video, not even when michael jackson died. Internet cannot be jammed as of now.

Jeez, if this guy talks about technology and makes so much mistakes in a few sentences, i can’t imagine the garbage he spews out to his disciples.

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The new scope of this site

This website was setup to debunk Nithyananda and his teaching with science.

But, several months after this site was started the Nithyananda-Ranjitha  sex scandal broke.I made a decision to leave the development of this site since this false guru had brought his end by himself.

But,in the recent turn of events, the importance of this site assumes more necessity. I will try to update often.

I am keeping track of all the news that gets published about this self styled godman.

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Nithyananda himself accepted to the CID that he had sex with Ranjitha

Nithyananda admitted to his Karnataka CID interrogators in April 2010 that during her stay at his Bidadi ashram for more than a year, he ”had sex with her many times”

Nithyananda himself accepted to the CID that he had sex with Ranjitha:

During his interrogation on April 27, Nithyananda’s recorded statement gave graphic details of his alleged affair with Ranjitha.
He also claimed that he “might have had sex with more than 15 women.”

Regarding the authenticity of the video:

The authenticity of the CD is corroborated by the Hyderabad-based Forensics Science Laboratory whose report clearly says that “there are no indications of alteration in the identified video shots on the basis of examination using non-linear video editing and storage system and video analysis system”.
Copies of the lab reports are in the possession of Deccan Herald.

More info at Deccan Herald

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2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

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In 2010, there were 3 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 9 posts. There were 2 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 1mb.

The busiest day of the year was March 3rd with 8,167 views. The most popular post that day was More exposures of fraud Nithyananda.

Where did they come from?

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Some visitors came searching, mostly for nithyananda fraud, nithyananda, nithyananda cult, nithyananda scam, and nityananda fraud.

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These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


More exposures of fraud Nithyananda February 2010


Debunking Nithyananda cult June 2009


Nithyananda’s one lakh donation to Rajagopal Polytechnic February 2010


Nithyananda cheating Indian govt by accepting “Kalpatharu” fees of Rs.1000 as donation August 2009


Swamijis energy?Nithyananda’s nonsense June 2009

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Nithyananda’s personal bank account balance is Rs.32 crores

This is the first post after this sex scandal broke out.

Here’s what DeccanHerald says,

Godman’s account has Rs 32 crore
Chandan Nandy, Bangalore, April 28, DHNS:
Wednesday, April 28, 2010
The State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) sleuths have stumbled upon a personal bank account of self-styled godman Nithyananda with a leading private sector bank in Bangalore in which he has a whopping total deposit of around Rs 32 crore.
The bank has frozen the account at the behest of the CID which is looking into all the financial transactions –– accounted as well as unaccounted –– of the godman who is now under police custody for interrogation.

At least three other bank accounts where two trusts run by Nithyananda maintain a deposit of around Rs 20-25 crore have already been frozen. The CID is analysing these accounts and the sources of the funds. Efforts are also on to trace whether money from these accounts has been transferred to undisclosed banks abroad.

Nithyananda’s unaccounted  money in his personal account is different from the deposits that are in the name of two trusts, Dhyana Peeta Charitable Trust (DPCT), which was registered in 2003, and Nithyananda Dhyanapeeetam Trust (NDT), registered in 2005.

Police sources believe that money was diverted from donations to Nithyananda’s personal account where profits of a company by the name of Nithyananda Imports and Exports, run by his brother Nithyeshwara, alias Gopinath, were also deposited.

Deccan Herald is in possession of some documents which show exports of a large number of idols of Hindu gods and goddesses which were sold at prices 5 to 15 times higher than their cost price. Some of the wire transfers indicate that the profits were moved from Wells Fargo Bank in California to some Indian banks which are now in the process of being identified.

The only trustees of NDT and DPCT are Nithyananda, his secretary T Dhanasekaran, alias Sadhananda, and his wife D Jamunarani, alias Ma Sadhananda.

The last two have disappeared from Nithyananda’s Bidadi ashram since Saturday.
It is learnt from unimpeachable sources that while DPCT filed a tax return of close to Rs 5 crore in the 2009-10 fiscal, NDT’s return reflect a staggering Rs 8.5 crore.

This unusually high return declared by NDT has prompted the Directorate of Income Tax to select it for special scrutiny.

Income Tax officials will officially write to the CID and seek access to documents related to the financial dealings of Nithyananda’s many organisations operating from the United States, Europe, South America and India.

They reckon that there is strong possibility of the I-T department serving show-cause notice to the godman on why the exemption benefits enjoyed by his trusts under 80G and 12A of the I-T Act should not be cancelled. The investigation wing of the I-T department will also likely get into the act to pursue its own enquiries on possible tax evasion by the godman and his organisations in India.

The sources here as well as abroad have disclosed that Nithyananda and some of his closest associates operated at least three hedge funds which operated from the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The CID is in the process of getting hold of the details of the investment funds as well as obtaining information that in 2008 Nithyananda had plans to outright buy a private island either off the coast of Canada or Indonesia.

His global secretary Sachitananda was tasked with the job of contacting a Germany-based Turkish broker in islands. The money set aside for the island purchase was US$ 5 million.

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Nithyananda’s one lakh donation to Rajagopal Polytechnic

Nithyananda cult picked up this aticle about Nithyananda donating one lakh rupees to a polytechnic he studied in 1990-1993, while he was 12 years old!

After the above article was published, the polytechnic removed the photo and edited the text.

This is the current screenshot of the website. It claims he donated one lakh (in words) and 20000 (in numbers). Lots of discrepancies there.

Detailed article here,

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More exposures of fraud Nithyananda

Check out these websites that list a lot of information about the fraud swamiji.


Nithyananda- The cult guru

More interesting content here,



Boy Genius so-called Swami Nithyananda Attends Polytechnic at Tender Age of Twelve

More content here,

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Nithyananda cheating Indian govt by accepting “Kalpatharu” fees of Rs.1000 as donation

Apart from using the donation word for fees on their website, these nithyananda people get all money in the name of donations.

One of my friends happened to join this kalpatharu program that was held in August 1st, in Trichy, Tamilnadu,India.

I was shocked to notice that they give receipt for the 1000rs they are getting for the program as donation.

This is perfect cheating of government to escape service tax. By accepting the fees as donation, they are excempted from service tax since the donations are supposed to go to a trust floated by them.

Will try to get a copy of that donation receipt and post it here asap.

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Donations not equal to service charge

Be honest.Is there anything as forced or necessary donations? People donate when they want to.

If you are offering a service, and the service is not free,and a payment has to be made for the service, why mark the payment as “donation”?

The devotees can donate for the puja through cheque/cash/DD. (link)

There is another implication for this. TAX.No tax need to be paid for donations.Nice idea Mr.Nithyananda.

Nithyananda need to be investigated for the earnings accumulated through these “donations” since they are not really donations and they are charged from the people.

Let me tell an example, if someone cuts your hair,you pay them, thats not a donation.

You get my money, you do my puja.You are a service provider to me.Dont call my money as a donation.Its taxable.

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Swamijis energy?Nithyananda’s nonsense

The page on dhyanapeedam website says this:

Wherever you may be, chant the guru mantra ‘Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha’ between 7am/pm and 7:20 am/pm to be blessed and healed by Swamiji’s energy.

Thats epic.This means that his energy is transmitted throughout the world (universe maybe? ),so that people can get it when they pray at that time,since he will be praying at that time.

Sounds to me like a radio tranmitting channel saying ,” tune in into our station at 7AM to listen”.

Can any one of the Nithyananda’s followers or Nithyananda himself can prove that such an energy exists.

Can they prove on which wavelentgh,frequecny that energy is trasnmitted.Is it wave like similar to electromagnetism or packet like similar to photons?Is it discrete or continous? Can it be measured?

A typical reply would be, “there are certain godly things people like you cant understand”.If anyone have the guts, prove it rather than making excuses.

There really are people who chant ‘Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha’ between 7am/pm and 7:20 am/pm, i have seen many of them.

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