Nithyananda’s one lakh donation to Rajagopal Polytechnic

Nithyananda cult picked up this aticle about Nithyananda donating one lakh rupees to a polytechnic he studied in 1990-1993, while he was 12 years old!

After the above article was published, the polytechnic removed the photo and edited the text.

This is the current screenshot of the website. It claims he donated one lakh (in words) and 20000 (in numbers). Lots of discrepancies there.

Detailed article here,



  1. FAIRY TALES OF PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA website! Very interesting post. A must See..

    It’s good to be KING! Nithyananda the GOLD loving KING pretending to be a GURU

    According to Nithyananda, back in the day (perhaps what he would call Satya Yuga), most people were enlightened and the Kings had great Enlightened Masters as their chief advisor who advised the King on important policy matters. Also Nithyananda says the Kings treated their Enlightened Masters very well and provided all the luxuries.

    But because times are different today (being the Kali Yuga), Nithyananda has taken the dual responsibility of being an Enlightened Master and King too!

    But Nithyananda being ever so humble as he usually is, will not admit to his dual role hand picked and given to him by Parakshakthi (the one universal source of energy). Instead he pretends and says some King from Karanataka is the one who has given him his Golden throne. Sounds wonderful and very humble of Swamiji of course, as why else would he indulge in Gold and luxuries, him being a renunciant monk and all?

    But Dear Nithyananda – you are never known to shy away from limelight. We are sure your Brahmachari minions were there snapping away photographs when this unknown King from Karanataka supposedly gave you the throne. Would you mind posting those photographs when he gave you the throne? We would love to make a gift for the King as a token of our gratitude for taking care of you so well!

    So you Dear Nithyananda, say he gave you the throne. We are wondering which one of your thrones was a gift. Perhaps the biggest one you have right? This Throne 1 one below, the oversized one?


  2. Dear Readers – please note, we changed the website over at Nithya Tales.

    Please go to

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

  3. Pathmanaban.R said

    What a bunch of fools you guys must be. You people are behaving as though want to save hindus from Swamiji. Instead of wasting time to prove he is wrong and not what he claims to be, why dont you try his teachings. He never teaches anything new, he only explains back great Patanjali Yoga sutras, Gita,Siva Sutras and meditation technique to help us achieve better state.

    Well you idiots, only seems to blame him for his expensive courses but forgot to note his contribution to man kind. What have you fools contributed to your fellow human beings. Just sit and think. Dont behave as though great scientist.

    Keep accusing him of this and that, the loss is for you fools only and not his ardent devotees like myself. Understand before talk. Do some research on why people go to him.

    If someone cheat, few can be cheated not millions around the world.

  4. Dinesh said

    1000’s of People in India & Abroad had abandoned their Poor Families & Friends to contribute their hard earned money for Charities of this Guru’s & Swamis for PEACE & BLESSINGS, Many had wasted their valuable years of life by volunteering in search of SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE . In return they are ” HEART BROKEN ” by this THUGS with their Anti-Social Activities & Adultery. Its time now that 3rd EYE of GOD [ cameras ] must watch every religious leaders carefully to save the society from this Monsters. SUPREME COURT must step in & make Strict Laws against the Religious & Political ” THUGS ” and force the Corrupted Govt to adopt it. 1000’s of Families are Ripped off and Raped Timely, Emotionally & Financially because of Blind Trust on them. End of the day many are found with PIMPS, PROSTITUTES, BLACK MARKETERS or UNDER WORLD Nexus. Cases against them must run on ” FAST TRACK COURT ” so no chance for them to play with Laws on Looted Public Money. All property of this Thugs should be ” AUCTIONED ” & 50% should be rewarded to ” WHISTLE BLOWER “, who risk their lives as National Heroes.

  5. Amu said

    Hmm…After the sex scandal, I bet Raja Poly would now dutifully remove all mention of Nithyananda. 🙂

  6. Dr Quentin Jones said

    First, Kalki,
    now Nithi,
    next Sri Sri of Art of Living,

    check out

    to know what really happens in this chaste and pure organisation

  7. Concerned Citizen said

    It is very obvious that he took everyone for a freakin’ ride , looted people, copied teachings from other great saints like Aurobindo, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda word to word(nothing new , old wine in new bottles).
    Obviously he took advantage of Women including actresses, brainwashed them. When people are given scanty food and put them through extreme meditation , chanting processes and vibrations, people loose their minds and stop thinking straight. Once they are out of that trans, they will be normal again. This is a good wake up call for all the blind people who do not believe in what they see.
    Just use the following link as a veto(instead of vote) and say NO to supporting this cheat. This will be a good lesson.

  8. Ray said

    Please write the Home Minister of Karnataka about what you know about Nithyananda. Please ….this is one time we can probably get the Indian Government to do something about him. He has harm lots of devout Indians and Westerners.

    Home Minister of Karnataka Govt. blogspot and email address:


    People, please, please, protest and force Karnataka Govt. and Indian Govt. to put this filthy sex addict women abusing in the name of God Nithyananda in jail for 2 life terms.

    Please email the Karnataka Govt. Home Minister as much specific and relevant information all of you have.

    Please protest otherwise Govt. will only protect Bad and Wicked people, and nobody cares about common people and innocent people.

    Please don’t think this is somebody else problem, today it is somebody else daughter, wife, sister, mother, tomorrow it can be anyone of us daughter, wife, sister, mother.

    Even if you were Nithy’s victim, please speak up so that others are not victim in the future to this confidence trickster. Please remember that even least amount of good done for welfare others will remove great fear in us and make us fearless.

  9. Madhu said

    The Cult of Paramahamsa Nithyananda – Spiritual Fraud!
    The Brainwashing Cult of Paramahamsa’ Nithyananda is a classic case of organized fraud. This cult leader, the so-called Paramahamsa Nithyananda, entraps innocent victims into his web of empire building by using psychological, financial, and quasi-legal methods to obtain finances and a free source of professional labor. Nithyananda has established an illegal immigration racket exploiting his nonprofit religious status in the United States. Nithyananda is very dangerous and should be deported from every single country that Nithyananda has established himself in. His criminal organizations have defrauded individuals, tax payers, and communities of millions of dollars, and his fraudulent ‘nonprofit’ organizations are known as the Nithyananda Foundation, the Life Bliss Foundation, and the Nithyananda Vedic Temples. Nithyananda lures people in his trap by using spiritual truths, meditation, yoga, and healing energies, and then does a ‘bait and switch’ approach. What candy is to a pedophile, Vedic Truths are to Nithyananda. Nithyananda’s biggest lure is the promise of enlightenment. By tricking potential followers that he can give enlightenment just by attending expensive programs and donating huge amounts of money, Nithyananda has secured a loyal following who are more than willing to ‘live a lie’ and to ‘spread a lie’. Nithyananda’s crimes amount to collective and organized fraud. Just as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Nithyananda cloaks his energy as divine source… but actually Nithyananda’s energy seems to be the darkest of tantric power. Close followers will note that most of his stories involve death, graveyards, and ghosts. Not exactly wholesome stuff. Unlike other legitimate missions such as Ramakrishna, etc., none of Mr. Nithyananda’s claims of enlightenment including Nithyananda’s horoscopes, etc. are verified and have been made public. His birth certificate of being born on January 1st is in question. There is absolutely NO transparency with this organization. There is only a legion of enthusiastic followers claiming that all of this is true. Not exactly hard proof. In public, Nithyananda places a humble and holy front with a boyish grin. In private, Nithyananda is abusive and is known to host attractive females (both married and single) alone in his quarters for hours. Nithyananda is not what he seems to be. Imagine this. What if a convicted child molester, rapist, murder, burglar, con artist, and arsonist donned a Santa Clause suit, and then won the confidence of trusting people to have him stay in their homes? This is exactly what Mr. Nithyananda has done on a spiritual level. Mr. Nithyananda’s bag of toys is not only as empty as his promises, it is full of dangerous traps and poison. Nithyananda’s impact on families has been severe. Divorces, financial ruin, broken careers, prolonged hardships, and undue stress have resulted from being involved with Nithyananda. Please take extra caution if approached by any followers of Nithyananda’s organizations, and it is best to avoid Nithyananda altogether.

    • nithyanandacult said

      Very interesting input abt this Nithyananda and his organization.

  10. Vijay said

    Swami Nithyananda aka Rajasekharan’s supposed college of education — Rajagopal Polytechnic College ( has finally struck his name off its website’s homepage. Wow! That is some recognition. It will be interesting to find out how they conferred diploma on him and that too with “first class, distinction”. Way to go guys!! Please disseminate among one and all….including that bunch of obscurantist, superstitious followers of black magic and black art….

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