Nithyananda cheating Indian govt by accepting “Kalpatharu” fees of Rs.1000 as donation

Apart from using the donation word for fees on their website, these nithyananda people get all money in the name of donations.

One of my friends happened to join this kalpatharu program that was held in August 1st, in Trichy, Tamilnadu,India.

I was shocked to notice that they give receipt for the 1000rs they are getting for the program as donation.

This is perfect cheating of government to escape service tax. By accepting the fees as donation, they are excempted from service tax since the donations are supposed to go to a trust floated by them.

Will try to get a copy of that donation receipt and post it here asap.



  1. prema said

    Hey folks you need to hear the orher side of the story too.
    All the people who run ashram are voluntreers. They do what they do only as a donation, so you can not say you are paying for their service. theya re donating a servoce and challenging you to dmake a matching donation of your money. do you know all the service activiites they provide?
    You should go to their ashram and see.
    They provide free meals and medical services every week. I saw 25000 people were in the ashram on gurupoornima day and all of them ate for free.
    This farce about the trees cutting also is very ceap.
    Go to the tirivannnamalai ashram now and see.
    There are green tress in side the ashram.
    not only that: Liusten to this.
    In the great tiruvannamalai, Ther is no other ashram that seats and serves food to everyone that visits..for free. All other ashrams only give a handfull and send away. Only Nithyananda ashram actually seats and serves.
    Saints, or commoners, everyone is given a meal.
    5000 people ate in the ashram on gurupoornima.
    And on the recent poornima, 100,000 people visited and had darshan.
    You guys cant just sit in your back yards and say all this is bogus, go to to go there and see it for your self..

    • nithyanandacult said

      Hi prema.
      I know the other side.
      My few friends are very devout followers of this guru and they have visited the ashram many times.
      See, i have close contacts with these nithyananda people.
      You know what is the target amount fixed by nithyanada to take classes in Trichy on Aug 1? The amount that need to be paid to the ashram was Rs.20lakhs.
      See, i myself was supposed to attend the program on Aug 1, but i bailed out of it(my friends paid the fees for me without my consent).
      My argument is this, if i am to attend a class for knowing some “Yoga”, why do i have to pay for all the people getting free lunch at ashram?
      The fees they charge is 1000rs per person.
      They provide food,which can account upto 200rs max.
      They take building on rental, which could account to another100/200rs.
      What abt the remaining amount? i dont want to pay for someone else’s free food?
      I earn my food, let them earn their’s too.
      The common reasoning is that the brahmacharis staying at the ashram will get the food.But,wait, are those brahmacharis praying for world peace?
      They stay there to get their own enlightenment, how does that affect me?
      I can better donate to a orphanage than to donate to free food for those ashramites/visitors to ashram.

      I dont care whether 5000 people or 5crore peope eat at the ashram.
      Why the hell i have to pay for their damned food?
      Let them pay for their own food.

      • Ram said

        I think you are a financial auditor. If not, please look for such a job and you can be a millionaire in a month. When i have come to learn something, i won’t mind paying the money if i could afford that. I heard sometime back that some intelligent people who go to school for learning in fact do some other works except learning. I thought it could not be true and may be somebody else’s personal experience. Now i could accept that whole heartedly.

        Have fun guyz….

      • layman said

        “What abt the remaining amount? i dont want to pay for someone else’s free food? I earn my food, let them earn their’s too.”

        You got a point there… perhaps the guy is trying out another spiritual-socialism…

      • babak said

        you are right. you do not have to pay for the other people to eat.
        if you like to learn yoga, there is a very good place in santa monica ca that I can recomend. they are very good. they charge only $100 per hour and it is really good. if you want send me an email I will send you the info.

      • Jax said

        “What abt the remaining amount? i dont want to pay for someone else’s free food? I earn my food, let them earn their’s too.”

        — U are right ! Spirituality is not for selfish people like you who live for themselves only.

      • nithyanandacult said

        I am more philanthropic than you might imagine. I have a registered non-profit for which i am one of the director.Me and my friends have helped so many orphanages in and around Trichy. I am against these people who feed on others like leeches. The real needy people should be helped, not these fraudsters.

    • prem said

      This is why india is always considered as poor country. why it has to be free? and someone else pay for your food?. why can’t you guys get out and earn your food?. Even Red cross rend services to the community. but they don’t cheat like this guy.
      It is a business in the name of God. Please wake up guys,
      don’t be fooled by the white skin followers. most of them are unemployed drug addicts from europe and north america. for them it is the easy way out.
      go to temple and just pray, the god will give you everything.
      Can’t you remember this guy said ” kathavai thira karttu varum” and now he will say “kathavai saathu kaamam varum”

  2. Insane said

    Well said. People leaving their careers and going after this fake swami are fools. what is the logic to pay for bramacharis comfort and for the free food. Let them beg and eat.

    • anonymous said

      Well said! these gurus are minting money! they are not showing us the path to god. They break the relationships… this is my perspective

  3. arut said

    The easiest thing to do is to pass comments, but it takes courage to go with an open mind and find out for yourself the truth. There are many testimonials of people who have benefited healthwise, emotianally and in so many innumerable ways. Please understand that the food that you eat involves the toil of so many farmers. Is your 1000 bucks in anyway equivalent to their hardwork. If Rs. 1000 can change a life for the better, its an insignificant amount.

    I know what I was before and after attending the program.
    It has transformed me for the better and I feel fulfilled. Period. Why don’t you check him out and find out for yourself? The proof of the pudding is in the eating !

  4. anon said

    Well said Nithyananda cult! Prema -> How come you dont have anything to reply to that? Why should we pay for somebody’s food – somebody who is not working for his own meal?

    • Learn2Give said

      Hi Guys,

      Those of you losing sleep over giving free food… Please don’t forget majority of these are poor and hungry people… Learn to give to others selflessly and see how blessed you feel.

      Most of you don’t know the true meaning of God and Consciousness and the power within ourselves…. Go do some reading…. Why blemish yourself by negative thoughts… Waste of cyber space!!!

      Smile 🙂

  5. thief catcher said

    the identity of this blogger is well known. he had stolen a lot of things from the ashram and temple and run away. for fear of getting caught he is saying all these things…he should be shitting in his pants and writing these kind of nonsensical things….wait for the cops very soon in your doorstep….and be prepared to spend your time behind bars for the rest of your life….

    • om_shanti said

      yeah, heard about this theif who used to be in the ashram, pretend like working hard but badmouthing people on the side, and stole many things and ran away. i think it was a mistake that they let him go without filing a police complaint. so much for goodness and grace. people like this idiot needs to be handed over to the police. after all, this i strongly urge the ashram folks to contact the police and take appropriate action on this guy. after all, in this internet age, it is not at all hard to find the identity of this blogger. people like this should be imprisoned for life.

    • nithyanandacult said

      Wow. You have some nerve to talk like this. This comment itself proves the lies spread by these Nithyananda people. SHAME ON YOU. I am not an ex-devotee. I am a student, i have never visited your stupid ashram. Your comment makes me laugh. You are afraid even to give your email id, yet you come and call this hoax. Usually,i speak decently. But people like you dont deserve decency.

  6. Jiju said

    I advise the posters to abondon their childish reasoning and do & speak on what they know. Well if you consider yourself one among the masses and think it is a social affair you can as usual get carried away with your valuable opinions….

    On the other hand i suggest to people even with little sensitivity and maturity not to indulge in opinions with the superficial intellectuals who just unknowingly crave for some sense of gratification.

    But the mistake which Nithyananda does is opening up this pay for the masses who in no way qualify either by individuality or by intensity of seeking. Most people are after fads and lifestyle concepts of materialistic mainstream .

    To them spirituality is not different from other aspects of life. Even if they are neutrally logical to the absolute degree they can recognize the truth.But their logic is shallow, machanical and much comforting to themselves. In truth they either look for praising or bashing entertainment games.

    I think Nithy has opened up wide bcoz even if one guy is truly benifited it should be great. Otherwise there is no reason going after common people to evolve them.

  7. raj said

    Just gossiping here will not solve the probelm. Go to media and bring everything to picture. So people are saved. That will be a great task for all of us and this world. Find the true facts and expose this organization.

    • Raj said

      Hi Guys, when i read the first comment i thought i would wright some thing to help you understand this from a different way, maybe not the perfect way, but my way!
      Then i read other comments and i gave up on you guys… 🙂 you guys are just WOW… WORLD SAVERS 🙂 haha… Keep up the good work my friend… go to media or else where and do every thing that you have in your power. tell all your friends and relatives not to fall you this guru or any other guru… you have done all sort of things and worked soooo hard to earn your food, why should you share it with some stupid sanyasi. they should beg and eat right?!? WOW

      I would say don’t worry about their way of earning their food, just save yours for yourself.

      Good Luck for your world saving task.

  8. joker said

    YOu may want to take a look at this blog about Nithy.

  9. Anandh said

    Not just Rs.1000, minimum fee is 1000. Its actually Rs.1000, Rs.2000, and Rs.5000 in chennai.

  10. simo said

    Even Isha yoga collects fees for all its programs and issues donation receipts.

    • nithyanandacult said

      Then they are culprits too. I am not defending anyone.

  11. […] Nithyananda cheating Indian govt by accepting “Kalpatharu” fees of Rs.1000 as donation August 2009 13 comments 5 […]

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