Nithyananda cheating Indian govt by accepting “Kalpatharu” fees of Rs.1000 as donation

Apart from using the donation word for fees on their website, these nithyananda people get all money in the name of donations.

One of my friends happened to join this kalpatharu program that was held in August 1st, in Trichy, Tamilnadu,India.

I was shocked to notice that they give receipt for the 1000rs they are getting for the program as donation.

This is perfect cheating of government to escape service tax. By accepting the fees as donation, they are excempted from service tax since the donations are supposed to go to a trust floated by them.

Will try to get a copy of that donation receipt and post it here asap.

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Donations not equal to service charge

Be honest.Is there anything as forced or necessary donations? People donate when they want to.

If you are offering a service, and the service is not free,and a payment has to be made for the service, why mark the payment as “donation”?

The devotees can donate for the puja through cheque/cash/DD. (link)

There is another implication for this. TAX.No tax need to be paid for donations.Nice idea Mr.Nithyananda.

Nithyananda need to be investigated for the earnings accumulated through these “donations” since they are not really donations and they are charged from the people.

Let me tell an example, if someone cuts your hair,you pay them, thats not a donation.

You get my money, you do my puja.You are a service provider to me.Dont call my money as a donation.Its taxable.

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Swamijis energy?Nithyananda’s nonsense

The page on dhyanapeedam website says this:

Wherever you may be, chant the guru mantra ‘Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha’ between 7am/pm and 7:20 am/pm to be blessed and healed by Swamiji’s energy.

Thats epic.This means that his energy is transmitted throughout the world (universe maybe? ),so that people can get it when they pray at that time,since he will be praying at that time.

Sounds to me like a radio tranmitting channel saying ,” tune in into our station at 7AM to listen”.

Can any one of the Nithyananda’s followers or Nithyananda himself can prove that such an energy exists.

Can they prove on which wavelentgh,frequecny that energy is trasnmitted.Is it wave like similar to electromagnetism or packet like similar to photons?Is it discrete or continous? Can it be measured?

A typical reply would be, “there are certain godly things people like you cant understand”.If anyone have the guts, prove it rather than making excuses.

There really are people who chant ‘Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha’ between 7am/pm and 7:20 am/pm, i have seen many of them.

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Nithyananda Hitch hiking on science

Even some educated people fall in the trap of this Nithyananda.

I have figured out the possible  reason behind that.

Imagine the knowledge level of common people. They dont know about big bang,DNA,electromagnetism,galaxies,black holes and all the wonders of modern science.

These false gurus,like Nithyananda, takes some time to read some science books.Then, they mix their own teaching with this science and teach the people.

This sort of pseudo sceince taught by them is accepted by the masses because the masses have no prior knowledge of the scientific wonders.

For example, they may teach that the healing done by them heals at the DNA level or something.People will believe that their teaching are true because they are hearing about the wonders of DNA structure for the first time.They tend to believe the guru’s nonsense along with the actual science. Imagine the possibilities for these fake gurus, they have really unlimited source of scientific developments that they can use to teach along with their nonsensical beliefs.

So, people are made to believe in pseudo science by false gurus, thanks to real science and its developments.

One possible solution is to educate people about real science before they fall for these kind of gurus.

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Nithayananda Remixing (stealing) cinema songs to get people’s attention

Nithyananda and his followers sell loads of songs about nithyananda on cds/vcds/dvds.

People love music,and this false guru is using that cinema music to influence his audience.They use famous cinema songs as background music and replace the lyrics with their own lyrics.Mostly the only word that is repeated all over is “nithyananda”.By mixing famous music and his name, he induces in people a kind of comfort that is related to his name,that may otherwise be only related to the song.

I have access to several dvds of his nuisance remix songs.(actually my relative own them).People find a kind of false comfort with this nonsense.

This is the way he operates.He associates himself with already famous and useful things,creating an illusion that he is famous and he can provide useful teachings.

And, one more thing is that,they are doing this illegally.Film producers and music directors own the copyright to the music they compose.

Who are these minions to use them without their permission, they pay no royalty,but love to hitch hike on the familiarity of the music.

This is piracy,this is stealing. I hope some music directors goto court and sue this false messiah.Actually, the music industry can earn a big compensation because nithyananda  have already sold innumerable copies to innumerable people.

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Debunking Nithyananda cult

This website is setup to inform the facts about Nithyanda and his teachings.

Please share your views by using the comments box.

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