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  1. Anonymous said

    There is a channel on YouTube with the name ‘om247om’. He had a very hi-fi attacking style video named “Nithyananda Holy Hooker from India”. It garnered many respectable comments shared by several folks who had experience with Nithyananda. Suddenly, it went off the air.

    What makes anybody think this website will not do the same after gathering enough remarks about Nithyananda? Perhaps Nithyananda knows how to buy good press as well as bad press.

    • peace said

      whatever it is .such swamijis are tarnishing the term “sanyasi “islef.They are just taking advantage of the mental and physical state of innocent people.No one compelled them to become a swami ,if they want to enjoy all the wordily pleasures of a normal human being ,why do they choose this lifestyle.They are just money making FRAUDS.

  2. Richard Baker said

    Its really nice to see there is a website up and running with an up to date thread on this scam artist. I admit I have purchased a couple of products in the past when I believed Swamiji was the answer to my problems. I do not follow him anymore because his teachings are nothing more but psycho babble to keep his devotees enslaved to his teachings. A lot of people claim they experience some kind of spiritual realization in his presence this is nothing more then what a fan of a rock band experiences when they meet them for the first time. Most of the people that will be coming on your site to defend this so called Guru are people that either invested large amounts of their finances in all of his self realization cult classes or large amounts of time. Peace : )

    • nithyanandacult said

      Perfectly said.

      A lot of people claim they experience some kind of spiritual realization in his presence this is nothing more then what a fan of a rock band experiences when they meet them for the first time.

    • joker said

      Nithyananda isn’t satisfy with enslaving the devotees to his teachings. He wants to enslave them to his organization and to himself ultimately. These devotees put in a lot time volunteering or paying big money for programs.

  3. Richard Baker said

    I mean I seen Matt Dillion at Christmas function the actor this past Christmas and I didnt want to bug him or get his autograph but I could say I felt a little more happy or whatever and told my friends about it.

  4. Richard Baker said

    You know I went to try to watch that video today and it said the Lifebliss Org got it deleted off of you tube for copyright lol

  5. Insane said

    They even charge $6000 for a 21 day program (Inner awakening). Nithyananda predicts by 2012 december, 10,000 people would attend this program. They are even building a massive building for this. Its a joke. and the western people are fools to spend this money and time.

  6. Richard Baker said

    Nithy fake o is really good at wat he does I have to give him props for that not to inflate is over grown ego but this guy really knows how to get in these peoples heads and have them believe ” o my mind is always playing tricks ect ect I need to drop everything and achieve the eternal bliss nithy fake o has achieved ect ect. I read somewhere that he has these people working day and night with a couple hours of sleep here and there to do his durty work ie recruit new members. If he wasnt such a ego maniac he might have had a good future in say acting lol. Another thing is that this guy is spending thousands of dollars on his freakin hair and make up alone have u seen the videos where in each different discourse he has a new hairstyle and new makeup like I said he might have had a good career as an actor in Bollywood lol. But really its a shame that he has not been put in jail yet I just feel sorry for all of the people that have given up good lives here in the states to follow this fake. If you u want to learn how to start a cult Nithy fake o lays a good blue print lol peace : )

  7. katie said

    Major scamming organization. I attended a weekend meditation class and realized they are a bunch of violent bunch of money hungry nut case liars.

  8. mandy said

    i had a friend who went to the 21 day program and came back crazier than ever. he told me they were allowed to sleep for only 3 hours a night. major brain washing going on here.
    all he talks about is this wacko and his teachings. i can’t relate to him anymore. i think people actually run when they see him coming.
    wacko teaches them that those people are not enlightened, making them feel superior, thus enforcing them to spend more time and money with his camp. it’s classic cult.

  9. Ananda Premeshwar said

    Nithyanandam Everyone,
    1. Swamiji is conducting meditation classes and heals people, peoples’ lives are transformed after meeting him. Him charging for classes is not a crime and he is not stealing from your income. He is conducting spiritual workshops and whom so ever is interested can attend. If you are not interested fine, but there is no need to shower hatred and violence. Think about this way, a shop is selling watches for more than a million dollars, what do you do ? You either buy it or don’t . Do you go about telling everyone that the shop is a fake and people are stupid to buy watches from there.
    2. All said and done about the organization and its founder, does anyone resort to any violence or abuse ? NO ! All they do is meditate and probably spread the word to a few people. Why do you waste your time bashing these people, when there are governments starting wars, sending young kids to fight and kill, creating unforgettable trauma for everyone involved. Why don’t you all spend your time and energy to condemn these people who kill and promote violence rather than criticize someone who is spiritual and meditates. Why do you want to research on whether he is fake or not, you either experience Him or not, end of discussion. See whether your government is fake or not !! NITHYANANDAM.

    • nithyanandacult said

      1.Well, you cant deny my right to express my freedom of speech. I will surely tell everyone that a shop is a fake if its a fake. Its not like i cant afford to attend a nithy’s class. I am just not willing to throw away money which could be better used to help people in real need. Have you visited any orphanages or old age homes in your city? See them and decide who needs help.Those brahmachiris in nithy’s ashram or the people in the orphanages. My money is for the orphanages.

      2. Is corruption legal? Its not violent. People just get bribes which affect countless people. The fact that there is no violence doesnt deny the charges levelled against nithyananda.You people are too brainwashed to understand/belive in govt/science. The Forensic labs have declred the video is true.Yet, none of you nithy followers acknowledge it.Rather you go and blow your own trumpet pretending that the entire world is lying and nithy alone telling the truth.

  10. Siva said

    My entire family is running behind this Nityananda..Since I oppose and tell them to use thier brains, they have cursed me and I am ostracized

    The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest — but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.

    John F. Kennedy

    I know this will not happen, Nithyananda arrested…because our government is very weak willed and more it doesnt care…unless he does some criminal things…

    I am sure he wont, because he is a business man. He will not risk it…
    But I wish,


  11. sampoorva said

    Realise tt this second you can’t live w/o him

  12. James said

    I wonder what’ll happen to this guy in the future.
    So far, he’s built a stunning career in so little time; he’s relatively young and already rich.
    At the same time, he’s already in danger of lawsuits, though dealing with him in court is no easy deal. It would be very tough to prove that what he’s doing doesn’t provide real enlightenment; even his prices are pretty legal. The only thing where he can be caught is the “donation” concept, which leads to a possible charge of tax evasion.
    If all turns well for him, he might quit it all when things get rough and spend the rest of the life somewhere else, enjoying the profits he will have earned by the time. If his influence continues to expand, he might actually add a little “they’re all our enemies” attitude to his talks and transform his “empire”, just like L. Ron Hubbard once did.
    I doubt this feat can be performed again, but with people who’re so good at doing their job… you never really know.

  13. This important article is a must read for the Nithyananda cult follower from guruphiliac forum:

    “Nithyananda Is Not Who He Claims To Be”

    File under: Gurubusting and The Siddhi of PR

    This turned up in the Guruphiliac forum the other day. It appears that another high-ranking member of the Nithyananda’s inner circle has come down with a case of clear vision. All we can say is, “YIKES!”
    Nithyananda is not who he claims to be

    He has great videos on youtube. His talks can be mesmerizing and convincing. He does exude energy – I have felt it strongly. He is incredibly intelligent and knows how to say the right things to people. I had fallen for him quite strongly after feeling his energy throughout my body with just his touch on my forehead. I fell head over heels in love with him as much as someone could fall in love and devotion to a guru. I found myself doing everything he was espousing. I even legally changed my name, even my passport and driver’s license, etc. I ran at every chance to see him, to be near him. I thought of him every minute of the day. I prayed to him and held him above all else.

    But, there were too many little inconsistencies that I noticed. What he said in public and what he did in private were vastly different. He does brainwash people – if we have any doubt in our minds about him or his movement, we are told to “drop the doubt, drop the mind” lest we never reach enlightenment because of our “own fault” in not have “dropped our minds.” He knows how to manipulate each person – he is master of the way people’s psychology is, the way people think and believe, our psyche. He doesn’t allow his ashramites to sleep – they get anywhere from no sleep to a few hours a day. He makes them work, work, work to the point of physical and mental exhaustion. He only believes in propagating his name, and acquiring money – not true religion. Religion is only a front just for outward appearance. He actually disrepects Gods in private sessions saying bad derogatory comments about them. I’ve seen him belittle and berate his ashramites shamelessly – it is emotional torture and humiliation. He claims it is “for their own good” to help them “lose their ego” so that they become enlightened but this is just a bogus double-speak in order to ill treat them as he wishes. He is a very sick, sick man who is egotistical, interested in fame and fortune, enjoys torturing people in a number of ways-mental, physical, emotional, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He doesn’t mind stepping on people’s toes, nay their heads, in order to get ahead. And everyone who is still in the movement are a bunch of stupid fools because they (most if not all) can see the signs but fail to acknowledge them and only believe his double-speak. They choose to stay in ignorance because they have fallen for his total crap words.

    I urge those still in the movement to look past his words, and don’t just believe what you see him do in public. He puts on a great humble and gracious act in public. See his actions in more private and intimate settings – this is a very dangerous man. Trust your gut instinct. Don’t drop your mind – it’s the only thing that is showing you the red flags to alert you to danger. Good luck to you and God Bless because now only the Real God can help you get out of this mess. I am thankful to the Real God for helping to show me the way out and save my life and my soul.

  14. dr said

    Really astonishing photos,being educated believein in this idiot.

  15. Ray said

    Swami Nithyananda’s physical violence against ashramites in Bidadi, Bangalore at the Guruphiliac forum:

    At 2/14/2010 12:16 PM, Anonymous said…

    Recent post of Swami Nithyananda’s physical violence at the ashramites in Bidadi Ashram in the name of blessings:

    AnandaCoconut said…
    Swamiji was bragging about beating the ashramites during the 2007 Yatra.

    Afterwards, I learned form those closer to Swamiji that on an occassion, he beat some ashramites so badly that he broke his last tandan (stick, bambo), so Swamiji resorted to throwing furniture at the ashramites. These guys seem to think that Swamiji knows what he was doing for the good of the ashramites.

    Beating ashramites with a big stick was bad, throwing furniture? You never know if the furniture may not fatally or permanently injure the person.

    In the 1997 Mission Training, Swamiji said that he could only shout at us here in America, in India his pujaris get puja (beating) when they didn’t do everything exactly.

    I never see the beating myself, but had heard Swamiji brag about it at least on three separate occasions. I also got witness account of the brutality from our ex-satsang leaders whom I know are very truthful people. They had all since escaped.

    February 13, 2010 1:22 AM

    Anonymous said…
    Hello Anandacoconut,

    I also heard about Swami Nithyananda’s throwing furniture after he has beaten the ashramite by very hard bamboo stick. I also think this is a very sick practice for so called an enlightened master to do whether in India or USA. These poor people have no where to go. I heard he says ” this is father and son relationship so it starts with puja and a stick”.

    May be somebody should start a fund to help these people who are stuck in this situation because they are depending on Swami Nithyananda and can’t get out of there. Once they know there are support services, may be they will leave and go to local police at Bidadi, Bangalore. Somebody got to do something for this physical violence of Swami Nithyananda.

    Any idea folks? I don’t mind donating through paypal if someone wants to start helping these folks who don’t speak English and no where to go.

    I don’t see too much outrage from the fellow Bloggers here. I don’t mean any disrespect to fellow Bloggers.

    February 13, 2010 7:03 PM

    At 2/14/2010 12:18 PM, Anonymous said…
    Another major post about Swami Nithyananda’s Physical violence for this blog forum readers..


    Anonymous said…
    “Paramahamsa” Swami Nityananda’s Physical violence against ashramites in India..

    I just checked major sites and found out that what Swami Nityananda is doing is considerd against commonly known as ” Human Rights Violations”. It seems India also has signed up as where no one surrendered should be beaten or physically threatend under this International Law. It seems Swami Nithyananda is violationg world human rights and definetly Indian human rights law.

    Once some body surrenders to you and you are in control of mind and body of that person, you have the duty to take care of that person as humanly as possible. You can’t abuse physically or mentally that person against internation Law. Even POW’s are given this basic dignity and respect. What I hear is above and beyond my comprehension.

    The following is the Wikepedia’s first sentence of definition of Human rights: ” Human rights are the “basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled.” [1] The doctrine of human rights aims to identify the necessary positive and negative prerequisites for a “universal” minimal standard of justice, tolerance and human dignity that can be considered the public moral norms owed by and to individuals by the mere virtue of their humanity”.

    Swami Nithyananda’s definition of human rights may be differrent. But, we the people from all over the world should condemn that kind of behavior from even ” Paramahamsas and Enlightened masters.”

    February 13, 2010 7:43 PM

    At 2/14/2010 12:21 PM, Anonymous said…
    The following is the comment from Expose nityananda from the Nithyananda cult blogspot topic regarding Swami Nithyananda’s physical violence against poor tamil Nadu villager ashramites:

    Expose Nithyananda said…
    Om Namah Shivaya,

    Yes, Sri Nithyananda beats, as in physical violence, ashramites in India. Some are only in their teens. Sri Nithyananda is scared of lawsuits, so he never has (to our knowledge) physically abused an ashramite in the U.S. He has in both continents mentally abused his ashramites and followers. He is a natural for that type of abuse.

    We will dedicate a whole blog post to all of the horrible abuses this man has created. Yes, he is SICK! SICK! SICK! He should be incarcerated until his violent and destructive behavior is cured.

    Please save your comments about Nithyananda’s violence so we can have them all on one post. We promise to do this in the next ten (10) days.

    Jai maa

  16. Gajendran said

    Nithyanandha was caught in the lodge sleeping and seducing with a Tamil actress and it was shot by the SUN TV which they clearely confirmed that it was 100 % Nithyanandha.

    Followers please don’t beleive such false swamiji.

  17. Nithyan said

    Boss.. a nail in the coffin.. a burial for this fraud.. Nithyananda.. Bastard.
    He was caught red handed having sex affair with a film actress by a sting tv channel and that has caused uproar in India and his ashrams and centres are being burnt down. I will paste few links.. but Dhyanapeetam is quick to remove them. who ever has not seen it before please watch and learn some lustfull postures. Language is in Tamil & Telugu though.

  18. geeta raman said

    i was a follower of nithyananda till now but i had noticed a lot of discrepancies and wanted them cleared.
    first is his date of birth and time of birth along with his nakshtra . when he has given all his details from childhood till now why the birth certificate is not correct. because as an astrologer i can say if u submit u r correct details i will prepare u r horoscope and any astrologer can see and tell the public u r correct image. a horoscope can never lie.

    so nithyananda if u r really true and an avtar purush just me u r correct details. u r mother is with u so there can be no mistake in the details. this will be a sincere answer to lakhs of u r devotees. and believe me i will definitely project u r horoscope and the world will also be able to verify what u r family astrologer said about u being a raj sanyasi

    • poor said

      What horoscope you want again. His has no more scope because because his scope is been ”written” clearly in the history forever and ever.

  19. Ray said

    Please write the Home Minister of Karnataka about what you know about Nithyananda. Please ….this is one time we can probably get the Indian Government to do something about him. He has harm lots of devout Indians and Westerners.

    Home Minister of Karnataka Govt. blogspot and email address:


    People, please, please, protest and force Karnataka Govt. and Indian Govt. to put this filthy sex addict women abusing in the name of God Nithyananda in jail for 2 life terms.

    Please email the Karnataka Govt. Home Minister as much specific and relevant information all of you have.

    Please protest otherwise Govt. will only protect Bad and Wicked people, and nobody cares about common people and innocent people.

    Please don’t think this is somebody else problem, today it is somebody else daughter, wife, sister, mother, tomorrow it can be anyone of us daughter, wife, sister, mother.

    Even if you were Nithy’s victim, please speak up so that others are not victim in the future to this confidence trickster. Please remember that even least amount of good done for welfare others will remove great fear in us and make us fearless.

  20. Jag said

    Nithyananda Sex Scandal opinion:

    1. I have seen so many comments discussing – what is really immoral about having a sexual relationship with another man’s wife. Here’s my take on it:
    First and foremost people are forgetting that this is not the only woman he has molested. There any MANY other man’s wifes that he has abused. There are SO many victims of Nithyananda inside and outside of the the organization. How many of these girls is he plannign to marry? All of them! And then live like a polygamist. Wow! thats a great step from being a brahmachari.

    2. ‘consenting’ adults – That again is a big misnomer when a cult like Nithyananda is in question. The press, media, police – none of these are able to understand that this is a cult. From link above. these are the tactics cult uses:sleep deprivation, partial sensory deprivation, psychological harassment, inculcation of guilt and group social pressure. etc etc. The idea of ‘consenting’ adults changes when cult is in question. Ranjitha and others have been brain-washed into doing the sexual activities as is seen in the video.

    3. As far as feeling sympathy for Ranjitha and others is concerned. Its for you to decide. If you want to blame a brainwashed victim for the act.

    4. There are many girls especially in Bidadi who are under-age and uneducated too. He just makes them believe he is krishna and forces them to behave as his gopikas.

    5. Nithyananda calls it “experiments that society did not agree with”. So Nithyananda, you are agreeing it was YOU in the video. You are also agreeing that you DID something that the society does not agree ith. “Experiments”, I loathe at your choice of words. What book did you get this experiments from – that Kamasutra and what did you think your ashram was – a Brothel!

    6. Rajiv Malhotra says no-one asked the western devotees if they still support Nithyananda and they replied -no one asked us. Rajiv Malhotra, I am telling you there are so many of us who have left the foundation. Why has the press not come to us to ask why we did? We too have lived in close proximity with Nithyananda – both men and women. Forget the press, why dont you come and talk to us and we will tell you the inside stories and our “experiences” with nithyananda. Nithyananda’s foundations PR is not trianed, but you are a trained man in researching. Why are you not seeing the other side of the story.

    7. “nothing illegal between 2 people with clothes on”. The clothes were NOT ON in exactly the needed portion. Rajiv Malhotra, what other proof do you need. You need a blue film from Nithyananda to believe the activites that could have gone by after the lights were shut. “clothes on”. sexual relationship is not just the intercourse. The kissing, smooching and the oral – everything is sexual.

    Go get a good dictionary to see the meaning of words and get a brain too to understand the meaning of unwritten words and unshown scenes.

  21. Tameem said

    Respected sirs,

    When some handful of indians are fooled by this kind of SWAMY, i am not amazed. Because for us as indian it is regular at least twice a year it happens. But when the western side community is fooled by this kind of jokers, i really feel bad. There are lot of Figures in India to follow like Mahathma Gandhi, Vivekananda etc.

  22. cherevas said

    Thank for this site and please let me know how I can help.

  23. geeta raman said

    nithy had said he will come out more powerful than before and that all this is happening is one more “Leela” and that he will get 10 times more followers than before.
    now he is no where to be seen and heard that he has gone into a silent meditation. good after earning 4000 crores of people’s hard earned money it is like cat closing his eyes and drinking milk. he feels that the whole world is asleep. and gone into a silent meditation.
    please will the government show the guts to arrest such cults so that they dont spoil people’s families in the name of god. or at least GOD open his eyes and punish such cults for their karmas. what kaliyug yaar.

  24. katharaman said

    Godman nabbed from his HP hideout; to be flown in today
    Nithyananda arrested
    Chandigarh, Apr 21, DH News Service:

    Nearly two months after being in hiding following the expose of his sex romp with a Tamil actress in his Bidadi ashram near Bangalore, self-styled godman Nithyananda was arrested in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh along with four other associates on Wednesday afternoon.

    Nithyananda’s hideout in Shivshankargarh village under Arki police station was busted in a meticulously planned joint operation by a Karnataka-Himachal Pradesh CID team. The sleuths seized Rs 3 lakh and $7,000 in cash, three laptops, three video cameras, seven cell phone handsets, five SIM cards and a host of documents from the house in which the four were holed up for over a month.

    The four associates of Nithyananda have been identified as Gopal Sheelum Reddy, alias Bhaktananda, who heads Nithyananda’s so-called spiritual and healing foundations in the US, Nithya Sanatanananda, Arpit Sangil, who briefly headed the godman’s Singapore ashram, and Arun Raj.

    In another blow to Nithyananda, the godman’s anticipatory bail was rejected by the Ramanagara district court near Bangalore. In the case Nithyananda filed in the Karnataka High Court, seeking quahing of investigations against him, the single judge bench of Justice Arali Nagaraj directed the police to submit all records in respect of the arrest and status of the probe.

    Two days back, a Sriperumbudur court near Chennai had issued a non-bailable arrest warrant against Nithyananda.

    Vital clues on the godman’s whereabouts came from a cell phone number whose SIM card originated in an UP town. His precise location was detected near Sayri and Mamlig cell phone towers which indicated the movement of the accused persons in Mamlig panchayat.

    Following this discovery, some plainclothes police men were deployed in the area.
    The police monitored the calls, several of which were made to numbers in California and different parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, and zeroed-in on Shivshankargarh village. Following door-to-door enquiries, the team knocked on the doors of the house in which the five had taken shelter. Nithyananda was attired in saffron robes and his four associates were also present when they were told they were under arrest.

    Preliminary examination of the laptops, which had wireless Internet facility, indicate that some threat emails were sent out to persons in the US.

    Solan Superintendent of Police Prem Thakur said the district police received information from the Karnatka CID concerning Nithyananda’s movement in the area on April 19.
    Police sources said, a two-member Karnataka CID team comprising two deputy superintendents of police left for Solan three days back before teaming up with Himachal Pradesh CID sleuths. The Karnataka CID team was led by DSP N S Hussain. After cordoning off the “target” house, the slueths arrested the godman and his four devotees in a three-hour-long operation.

    The four were later taken to Shimla for interrogation. Karnataka CID additional director general of police R V Guruprasad said the five arrested persons will be brought to Bangalore early Thursday evening. But the five will be produced before a Solan or Shimla court where the sleuths will seek a transit warrant for them to be taken to Bangalore.

    Earlier, the Karnataka police had registered cases against Nithyananda on the charges of rape, committing unnatural sex, criminal intimidation, criminal conspiracy, cheating, deliberate and malicious act intended to outrage the religious sentiments under sections 295 A, 376, 377, 420, 506(1) and 120 of the Indian Penal Code.

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