The new scope of this site

This website was setup to debunk Nithyananda and his teaching with science.

But, several months after this site was started the Nithyananda-Ranjitha  sex scandal broke.I made a decision to leave the development of this site since this false guru had brought his end by himself.

But,in the recent turn of events, the importance of this site assumes more necessity. I will try to update often.

I am keeping track of all the news that gets published about this self styled godman.



  1. auntienithyananda said

    Om Namah Shivaya.

    Thanks for keeping up the fight. We need to end Nithyananda and his criminal cult. All resources are needed.

    Frequent updates available at these sites:

    Continue on. Expose this fraud and let Hindu Dharma survive.

    Jai Maa.

  2. Mani said

    Dear author of this blog, great work. I invite you to view the link “First Public Meet by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Available Live on eN-TV also” New!” in or Also you can view in and put “nithyananda healing” as keyword, you can find a video with the title “Nithya Spiritual Healing”. After viewing all these still if you can talk about energy wavelength frequency and other stuffs you read in your school books I welcome you.

    • nithyanandacult said

      I had already seen those videos. I have family members who are into these healing things guided by Nithy. I know more than enough about how they operate. My relatives tried to give healing to me several times. I didnt feel a thing. Healing and such spiritual stuff is the imagination of the recipients.
      I have not only read science “stuffs”in my school books.I am a researcher. Now, explain the wavelength and frequency, if you can.

  3. Chris Baker said

    Lol. Get a life.

    • nithyanandacult said

      I already lead a happy and peaceful life. You need not advice me Mr.

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