Swamijis energy?Nithyananda’s nonsense

The page on dhyanapeedam website says this:

Wherever you may be, chant the guru mantra ‘Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha’ between 7am/pm and 7:20 am/pm to be blessed and healed by Swamiji’s energy.

Thats epic.This means that his energy is transmitted throughout the world (universe maybe? ),so that people can get it when they pray at that time,since he will be praying at that time.

Sounds to me like a radio tranmitting channel saying ,” tune in into our station at 7AM to listen”.

Can any one of the Nithyananda’s followers or Nithyananda himself can prove that such an energy exists.

Can they prove on which wavelentgh,frequecny that energy is trasnmitted.Is it wave like similar to electromagnetism or packet like similar to photons?Is it discrete or continous? Can it be measured?

A typical reply would be, “there are certain godly things people like you cant understand”.If anyone have the guts, prove it rather than making excuses.

There really are people who chant ‘Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha’ between 7am/pm and 7:20 am/pm, i have seen many of them.



  1. Ram said


    Certainly there is such a frequency. It is continous and not discrete. It is more than photons. We all experience that energy when we are near him and also away from him. He is slowly creating that tuning circuit board in all the disciples. He can create the ciruit and embed into us in a minute. But it will create a holocaust in us. Hence he is readying up our mind, body and soul to design that tunining circuit on our own to tap that high energy from remote places. I feel sorry for not able to answer you as a typical reply you thought of.

    We all have guts and we can prove it.But he is proving that. Since our tunining circuit is somewhat not dead and dumb like others, we could receive and tap some of that energies.

    Unfortunately, this is inner science and not outer. Hence this can be better proved to anybody if they have the respect for the individual, love, compassion and more than that, the open-minded. Based on your questions, you are the right person i guess. Since you have the urge to understand it to be proved to you. Also, you have some intelligence and mind. I am not sure it is open mind or not. It is upto you to decide and get involved in that. All the best.

  2. durga devi said

    hello men out there,the master’s energy can only be experienced !!! be blissful!!

    • nithyanandacult said

      Like how Ranjitha got experienced?

      No one should waste time trying to experience.

  3. Naren said

    Dude, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Please try it and then you will know if it works or not. Why does it bother you so much that others find it energizing to chant the mantra at a particular time.

    • nithyanandacult said

      Well, i can tell you the same. Try science and skepticism, then only you will understand my point of view. Read “Demon haunted world” by “Carl sagan”. I can even buy one for you if you are honestly willing to read the book. I had already tried religion.I was a devoted Hindu since childhood and studied in a Hindu school where we used to chant mantras everyday.Now ,those days are gone and i am a proud non-believer.

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  5. Govind said

    Well, it is very sad to hear and see the whole episode of swamiji been hatred.
    I still don’t loss confidence on him until I covinced myself that the one in the clip was swamiji.

    It is nonsense to hear comment from people who don’t know him at all.
    If you never attend any of his class, you better keep your mouth shut as your comment is just based on assumption and hearsay.

    It is matter of fact that swamiji can make you feel the energy.
    He can make everyone in the hall to experience the energy.
    Can you do that?

    Of course I don’t chant his mantras at 7.00am or whatsover.
    But I have tried to pray him twice so far.
    Yes. I have got the energy where my hands,leg,head move without me having control of it.
    If you ask me what type of energy is this? To be frank, I don’t know how to name it.

    But, give me your name and I will chant your name.
    If I get the same energy, then I will stop trusting swamiji right now itself.
    I f I can’t, you better shut your mouth.

    • nithyanandacult said

      You are the one who needs to shut up Mr.Govind. I have seen personally how he destroys the families of his followers and absorb his followers into his organization.
      You say you feel this energy,but cant explain what it is.Simple, you believe you get something,you get it. Just look the word “placebo” on google.

  6. david said

    Hello sir, i am not affiliated with Nithyananda in any way and never have been. I would be interested to hear your take on spontaneous yoga movements in a more detailed manner, especially if you browse the forums at http://www.aypsite.org and see people’s experiences with automatic movements etc. Placebo is the most likely cause i think but the word “placebo” perhaps doesn’t cover these different manifestations?

    Mr Govinda, you can experience these effects from yoga and meditation without any guru. Leave behind this fraudulent Nithyananda once and for all and don’t look back! You must have seen the websites that are not favourable to him where he does black magic rituals. I won’t get into that here but surely you would know that this kind of practice is not yogic.

  7. Isaac Newton said

    I am not writing this in support of or against Nithyananda. I just want to share truthfully and in an unbiased manner my experience with Nithyananda. I dont have too much experience with Nithyananda. But, I do want to say something – I personally attended a program called NSP. At the end of it, I did not realize that I was in something called “Energy Darshan”. But, to my surprise, when I went near him, He put his finger near my eyebrows and my body just shook when I clearly felt I was receiving what I can only describe as “energy”. I found out later that it was something called energy darshan. The very fact that I was not expecting it, rules out the placebo effect.

    Also, please dont say things like – “you can try pranayama or some other meditation and you can also do the samething.” I am yet to encounter someone who can do that (and I have met a few yoga guys and gals).

  8. david said

    Dear “Issac Newton”,

    You are not speaking clearly enough. First you say that you met this guy at some gathering of devotees and then you say you weren’t expecting to be able to receive some kind of touch from him after you “found” youself lining up to get his touch. Excuse me, but this kind of explanation is profoundly wrong and intellectually inexcusable.

    Just because you don’t know what happened to you, doesn’t mean other people don’t. And i would submit that if you believe in yogic powers despite the fact you don’t have them and most of the yoga pals you have don’t, that you are simply fooling yourself AND other people who read this that you are not prone to suggestion in an effort to bolster NIthyananda’s status. You claim to not know that this man had some psychical effect on you based on the absence of expectation in an arena or setting or house or hall full of people who explicity go there to get his blessings, and then come here and tell me that i do not understand the dynamics of these set ups based on a comparison with gymnasts. This IS “absolute” bullshit of the first order.

    Until somebody proves anything supernatural there is no reason to believe in it at all. It is not a matter of belief, because when beliefs are objectively observed phenomena they don’t constitute opinions only not speculations on life. It is a matter of fact. Your facts consist of subjective perceptions glued to administrators of psuedo fact and your consequent experience is inevitably bullshit in the extreme.

    Don’t listen to “Newton”, please do go out into the world and enjoy it, nobody else CAN be you or IS you, especially not Newton. And most importantly, don’t listen to people who tell you that you do not exist so it is better to listen to other people about that.


    • nithyanandacult said

      Well Said!.
      >Until somebody proves anything supernatural there is no reason to believe in it at all.

  9. If you chant like that, it is not Nithyananda that helps you, but your own trust and affirmations that may help you – it’s a simple ‘psychology’. At that holy auspicious time, that Paramahamsa Nithyanda could be busy with his sex samadhi shits – but still that chanting helps you just out of ‘you’.

  10. vijjayan said

    I saw the full cd to ur sexual life.i think it is against to our hindu laws,if u need sex, you must remove ur dress,why do you cheat hindu,all relgious faith.tsunami and earthquake comes only by false guru, it was told by sreemath bhagavatham.garuda puranam,devi bhagavatham.dont spoil the hindus faith.

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