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Nithyananda makes stupid remarks about video technology

On Daily News and Analysis, this article was published on February.

Here are some excerpts from the article,

“The footage, which was released on March 3, 2010, was made using 1,000 video chips, 1,000 computers and within 24 hours”

I believe that he is referring to video cards (graphics cards) by using the term “video chips”.
1000 video chips and 1000 computers?
A video card cannot work without a computer, its a part of a computer. Its inappropriate to say “1000 video chips, 1000 computers blah blah”.He should have said “1000 computers with computer chips” atleast.
More than one video card can be inserted into a single system if it supports SLI technology, but lets asume that he meant “1000 chips in 1000 CPUs”.
By referring the term “1000 computers” , it could mean 1000 computers were part of a grid, or atleast part of a network.
Lets get one thing straight.
There are no algorithmic methods to construct a video or to transform a video.
So, the only way that 1000 computers were used would be 1000 video experts were working, ie , one expert for each computer.
That brings another problem.
1000 people have different ways of doing things.If they created all that in 24 hours and integrated the pieces, it would be like a pile of garbage. Such a project is infeasible to be performed in 24 hours.Moreover, assembling 1000 video experts and co-ordinating them is an impossible thing to do.
This Nithyananda spews out whatever garbage he can think. He fails to remember that there are technical people who are looking into the nonsense he babbles.

Some large organisations were also involved in this racket. They were busy uploading the morphed video on YouTube, which generated about 1.5 lakh bytes. The Internet was jammed only on two occasions, one when Michael Jackson died and the second, when this sex video was uploaded,” claimed Nithyananda.

Again, more nonsense. 1.5lakh bytes =146Kilobytes, ie, 0.46 Megabytes. He talks about bandwith and says the Youtube video generated 0.14MB. What was that about?

Also, the internet was not jammed because of his stupid video, not even when michael jackson died. Internet cannot be jammed as of now.

Jeez, if this guy talks about technology and makes so much mistakes in a few sentences, i can’t imagine the garbage he spews out to his disciples.

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