Donations not equal to service charge

Be honest.Is there anything as forced or necessary donations? People donate when they want to.

If you are offering a service, and the service is not free,and a payment has to be made for the service, why mark the payment as “donation”?

The devotees can donate for the puja through cheque/cash/DD. (link)

There is another implication for this. TAX.No tax need to be paid for donations.Nice idea Mr.Nithyananda.

Nithyananda need to be investigated for the earnings accumulated through these “donations” since they are not really donations and they are charged from the people.

Let me tell an example, if someone cuts your hair,you pay them, thats not a donation.

You get my money, you do my puja.You are a service provider to me.Dont call my money as a donation.Its taxable.



  1. solvictor said

    Very true. I wish this guy is exposed soon. And I have seen the amount of land he has amassed on Bangalore-Mysore road. I wish you good luck to expose this fraud guru. I think the same applies for all the fraudsters around.

    Good blog, keep it coming.

  2. […] ·Tagged cheat, donation scam, kalpatharu, nithayananda, tax fraud Apart from using the donation word for fees on their website, these nithyananda people get all money in the name of […]

  3. janani said

    hey dont loose your words like this.first try to know full details about swamiji and talk go and see how many social service we are doing how many poor childrens are helped by paramahamsar nithyanandha for their educations how many young sters are benifited by paramahamsar he is not saying he is god “he is here to say you are god.listen one thing now world is computerized is not soo easy to gather peoples now adays peoples are very intelligent now now one can fool them even though we have lots of devotees means think it of ask yourself?ist easy?how many people recovered from medical illness throgh healings we have proof you can verify if you need .naza scientist is also our paramahamsar devotees how many doctors and engineers they are not fool to belive as it isask your self truly they are more intelligent than you man

    • nithyanandacult said

      Is not naza, its NASA. I dont have so much time to waste in explaining you. Just go over this list of logical fallacies. “ad hominem” and “argument from authority” are yours.Learn science.

  4. Dr Quentin Jones said

    First, Kalki,
    now Nithi,
    next Sri Sri of Art of Living,

    check out

    to know what really happens in this chaste and pure organisation

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