Nithyananda Hitch hiking on science

Even some educated people fall in the trap of this Nithyananda.

I have figured out the possible  reason behind that.

Imagine the knowledge level of common people. They dont know about big bang,DNA,electromagnetism,galaxies,black holes and all the wonders of modern science.

These false gurus,like Nithyananda, takes some time to read some science books.Then, they mix their own teaching with this science and teach the people.

This sort of pseudo sceince taught by them is accepted by the masses because the masses have no prior knowledge of the scientific wonders.

For example, they may teach that the healing done by them heals at the DNA level or something.People will believe that their teaching are true because they are hearing about the wonders of DNA structure for the first time.They tend to believe the guru’s nonsense along with the actual science. Imagine the possibilities for these fake gurus, they have really unlimited source of scientific developments that they can use to teach along with their nonsensical beliefs.

So, people are made to believe in pseudo science by false gurus, thanks to real science and its developments.

One possible solution is to educate people about real science before they fall for these kind of gurus.



  1. Observer said

    You mean Big Bang 🙂

    BTW Nithyananda doesn’t try the scientific angle much. He attracts people through standard Hindu fare (rituals, temples). Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was much more focused on presenting Hinduism “scientifically”.

    Intelligent people get mesmerized because of his charisma. But then Hitler mesmerized thousands, too. So did Osho, and look where it left his followers – broke, sex addicts, and imagining themselves to be “Buddhas”, starting their own enlightenment shops.

  2. prema said

    Guru phillic fellows dont have guts to keep the forum open.. and you guys believe them .. I am really sorry for the folks who believe such rascals who cant let people speak up with out moderating. If you have a true story to tell what is wrong in letting people report with out moderations?

    • nithyanandacult said

      Moderation is in place to prevent flaming/spamming.I started this website so as to allow discussion to happen on this topic. As you can see, i am against any so called “gurus”, i expect science to debunk them.I am doing all within my time to make that happen.I am in touch with Rationalist association of India and many other international athiest societies that argue against the so called “spirituality” and ultimately the existence of god.
      I setup this specific website since i found many people affected by this nithyananda in my circle (in tamilnadu).

  3. Insane said

    Nithyananda is a big time fake. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. Take my advice seriously as I have realised by hard experience. After the end of the $6000 21 day course, he says to every body “you are all now enlightened and got a new birth”. He even gives a spiritual name and lots of fools even change their name. I know people who were big time devotees and after they realised the exploitatioin, they have now quit. He shamelessly demands money from people for spiritual gratification. Look at all the shameless marketing.

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