Nithayananda Remixing (stealing) cinema songs to get people’s attention

Nithyananda and his followers sell loads of songs about nithyananda on cds/vcds/dvds.

People love music,and this false guru is using that cinema music to influence his audience.They use famous cinema songs as background music and replace the lyrics with their own lyrics.Mostly the only word that is repeated all over is “nithyananda”.By mixing famous music and his name, he induces in people a kind of comfort that is related to his name,that may otherwise be only related to the song.

I have access to several dvds of his nuisance remix songs.(actually my relative own them).People find a kind of false comfort with this nonsense.

This is the way he operates.He associates himself with already famous and useful things,creating an illusion that he is famous and he can provide useful teachings.

And, one more thing is that,they are doing this illegally.Film producers and music directors own the copyright to the music they compose.

Who are these minions to use them without their permission, they pay no royalty,but love to hitch hike on the familiarity of the music.

This is piracy,this is stealing. I hope some music directors goto court and sue this false messiah.Actually, the music industry can earn a big compensation because nithyananda  have already sold innumerable copies to innumerable people.



  1. Das said

    If GOD can be understood by human logic, science would have found it by now. The human transformation from instinct / intellct to initutional level is an evolution process.

    For People who are transforming, they can identify genuinity of a guru through their experience. Better you guys delve deep into this subject gain experience and then pass on comments.

    On the tax evation/ music piracy you do have a point.

  2. babak said

    you used the term False Guru.
    I am in search of a real one.
    can you please recomend me one ?

  3. larafox said

    How can you be sure that they stole the music and have no permission for using it? Do you have any proof?
    best regards, Lara

  4. niceguy said

    Look for Osho Oorja songs, which are copied in earlier time itself (2003-2004).. hari om namo narayana / waleku salam some six songs are copied into om nithyananda etc… really sucks..

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